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Beautiful Biscuits, Lovingly Crafted

I am passionate about providing a wide range of homemade, hand decorated baked confectionary.

About Me

My name is Stania, and founder of my bespoke home baking business ‘The Sugar Flake’.

I’m a mum of 3 boys (including twins) and quite simply just love to bake!  I can and do bake anything and everything…


Biscuits are my speciality. I pour my heart and soul in to my creations never taking a flavour or creation for granted. Not baking during the week somehow leaves me feeling incomplete!

My passion would always peak at Christmas time where each of my hand made, bespoke biscuits have I’m told always brought so much pleasure and enjoyment to friends and family alike. Being asked to create baking orders thereafter turned my festive passion in to a year-round activity which is where The Sugar Flake evolved from a hobby into what it is today!

I always say you can ‘taste’ if a cake or biscuit has been baked with heart and soul. It should ‘show’ itself in every mouthful.

I want nothing more than to have my biscuits reflect the love and passion I have for baking…and to share my creations with you!


Welcome to ‘The Sugar Flake’, a bespoke small family business based in Paddock Wood, Kent and home not only to my family but to my mouth-watering biscuits of unique appearance and flavours, hand lovingly made individually and of course freshly baked to order using only the freshest ingredients.

I am originally from the Czech Republic where baking is as much a way of life as pasta is to Italians or patisseries are to the French! All my biscuits are individually hand-made and strongly influenced by generations baking methods. Their individualism, elegance and flavour make them as much as perfect gift for your friends and family as well celebrations and special occasions (christenings, weddings, birthdays and absolutely at Christmas time!) The options are endless…

1. How long is the shelf life of these biscuits?

The butter cream variety is best to enjoy within a week from the date of collection however providing they are stored correctly in a cool place away from any source of heat or the fridge, they can last up to 2 weeks. The non-cream filled variety can last up to 3-4 weeks if stored correctly. Some, e.g. spice biscuits, actually improve as they get older.

2. Are they suitable for people with allergies?

I am afraid the answer is No. All my biscuits have been prepared in a kitchen where allergens may be present as the vast majority of my biscuits contain nuts, eggs, flour and milk.

3. How quickly can you bake my order?

All orders require a minimum of 5 days turnaround from date of order confirmation.

4. What are your packaging and delivery options?

I am happy to enclose your order in following ways;

  • For an order of 12 biscuits I can place them in either a cellophane presentation bag decorated with ribbon


  • In a white presentation tote bag with see through window decorated with ribbon. Whichever you’d prefer! Please refer to price lists.
  • For order of 24 biscuits these will also be placed within a white presentation tote bag with see through window and decorated with ribbon as standard.
  • For a larger order of 48 biscuits or more these will be placed in a purpose made white box to keep your biscuits flatter!
5. How can I pay for my order?

I accept payment via PayPal or internet banking to my bank account – simply confirm if you are going to use this method to me on confirmation of your order and I will supply my bank details on return.

Please note I am unable to accept cash payments at time of collection.

6. Can you post my order?

Due to the delicate nature of the biscuits, I am unable to offer a postal delivery option as broken biscuits would make both me and you very disappointed.

Pick your own has arrived!

Over the years I have baked a huge variety of biscuits and come to know those that my customers consider the best of the best… my ‘bestsellers’ if you like.

A selection of these delectable creations will always appear in your orders.

Going forward, you can now order either an assortment selected by me, with up to 8 different varieties included or pick a box of just your favourite (you’ll know what you like if you’ve ordered from The Sugar Flake before.

My bestsellers:

Linzer Jammy Dodger
with chocolate buttercream
Hazelnut Shortbread
with coffee, chocolate, vanilla or mocha buttercream
Coconut Macaroons
with chocolate buttercream
Chocolate Nut
with chocolate buttercream and Nutella
French Macaron
Crunchy Chocolate or Toffee Buttons
Chocolate Biscuits
with vanilla, caramel or chocolate orange buttercream
Pecan (or Walnut) Macaroon Crescents
with chocolate or caramel buttercream

Pricing Options

So, how do you place an order with The Sugar Flake?  ….. It’s very simple!

You can start with having a good look at my gallery and have a virtual eye feast on my delicious biscuit bakes!

Over the years I have baked too many types of biscuits to remember however my gallery contains what my customers have told me over the years are firm favourites and have become my ‘bestsellers’ to date.

Your order will therefore include my selection of biscuits for you to ensure the variety of these ’favourites’!

You have an option to buy a selection of biscuits. As an example: 

12 Biscuits
Packaged in a cellophane gift bag
12 Biscuits
Packaged in a gift tote bag with a window
24 Biscuits
Packaged in a gift tote bag with a window
48 Biscuits
Packaged in a gift box

I’m based in Paddock Wood and can cater for any surrounding towns and villages. My biscuits are “collection only”.

Contact The Sugar Flake

Please feel free to contact me with any order queries and questions you may have.

Call: 0776 25 75 413

Email: stania@thesugarflake.co.uk

I know and understand that every potential order has its own reason and requirement behind it.

Please do leave me your contact name and number and I will respond within a day or two of your enquiry.

Thank you.

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Professionally Certified

I am proud to have been awarded 5 for my food hygiene rating, awarded by the Food Standards Agency.